Top 5 Favorite Jackets



Top 5 Favorite Jackets

Hi sweethearts, if you haven’t got one, come on now, you seriously need one, and if you have got one, but fancy an update. I’ve picked out my five favourite leather jackets and fur coats from the high street!



A leather jacket or leather look jacket should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe! They’re classic, suitable for every season, and they don’t go out of date either. I’ve got a classic plain red one but recently picked up this embroidered one, with my alter ego name, Viper Rose.



Fake furs are one of the strongest trends of the past seasons and you’ve surely noticed the great variety of options offered by designers. I love this white solid-colored, there is plenty of styles dedicated to both fashionistas or more classic girls.



I love the look the leather jacket gives to an outfit, and this one just adds a splash of colour and edge as well. I’ve paired this studed leather look jacket from Indonesian designer with the coated black  jeans and a white tee, keeping it basic to let the jacket be the key statement piece!



The white tee just breaks up the jeans a little. I feel a little biker chic-ish in this outfit, and I finished with these mirrored heel ankle boots! If you’re going for a classic plain jeans jacket, they’re so versatile they go with just about anything!



Oh baby, it’s cold outside. If you’re not yet feeling the change of seasons, you will sooner than later, so now is the time to pick out a new, warm winter coat. Whether you’re looking for casual and fun, dressy or a coat to wear to work, there are so many terrific choices. I love this patchwork fur, because I am a die-hard fans of the softest and cuddly ones!


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