How to Win a Girl’s Heart


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How to Win a Girl’s Heart

Hi dear, Valentine’s Day is coming. Do you want to know how to win a girl’s heart? Let’s check this out!


If you really want to get into my life, don’t give me the mainstream things. I don’t like diamonds or branded bag, but instead, give me an exotic pet. It’s so cute!

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Well, I love to spend my time at home. So I would really appreciate if you guy get me a nice stylish furniture.

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I know that I love the excersice but if you realy wanna date me, do get me an ice cream. Because I love it!

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Well, ice cream would definitely win my heart. But to capture my soul, you guys need to chill with me. Cuddle with me, maybe?

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People wont really send the flowers these days but I am a helpless romantic. So I really appreciate if someone send to me a big bouquet of red roses! A sexy one will always make a kitten like me blush! :*

Photo and Video: @jeynelson


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