How Not to be Bitter to Your EX!


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How Not to be Bitter to Your EX!

Hi sweethearts, i want to share another amazing process how to turn heartache into such beautiful work of art. Yes, how not to be bitter to your ex is not an easier. But first, we must proud and happy for ourselves. Let’s show more power!cover


Let go and realize that what is not meant for you, will be disqualified by nature from your life.


Take a time away to recuperate, hearing your mutual friends talk about him or her, or bumping into your ex will not make it easier for you.


Introspect yourself and be better emotionally and physically. Nothing feels better than proving to yourself that you can be much better without him or her.


Be kind, not the easiest thing but true integrity is knowing how to stay civil and remain friendly to those who have hurt you.


Don’t be so hard on yourself and blaming yourself for the breakup. It always takes two to tango.


Continue living, there is no point dwelling on the past and holding grudge. The best is always yet to come, always …



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